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Who is that?

I was on day TWO of my mediumship course, I was kind of to be honest in a daze - information overload I think. When something caught the corner of my eye. I looked directly at him, he was looking right at me. My thought was this guy must be lost and was just being nosy, then it came to me how the heck what he standing that way on the stairs coming into the basement when our event was taking place. He would have had to be a bit of a bendy person to stand that way and look into the room. I went to say something to our instructor, and looked back and he was gone. Later I described to the Event Center's owner this guy was looking for the shop or something...and she said oh that's just John. Who's John I asked? Oh, he's the spirit of a guy who hangs out here - we've seen him a few times. Even caught him on our security camera once or twice. Well shiver me timbers and goose bumps.

I met John.

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