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Questions & Answers

Q: Sending you my Signature online is the same as in person? 

Yes, in person or online its the same. It gives me permission to read for you. Answer any of your questions or if I have a message for you.

Q: Can I bring a friend to the reading for support? 

 Yes, you can for sure.  Just keep in mind they may interfere with your reading I cannot control who comes forward during your reading.  It is up to you and I'm okay with your decision.

Q: What If you tell me I'm going to die or I'm sick? 

Firstly I don't give FEAR based messages.  You have FREE will.  I may if directed to say you should take care of yourself and seek medical attention, go for your annual routine visit.  I don't see the point in FEAR based messages.  It's not my choice but yours alone to live your life. (seeking a professionals advice is your choice) 

Q: What if you cannot read me?  Does this ever happen?

Yes, some people "block" readings, and are not receptive to a reading. They could be anxious, stressed out or fearful.  It's best to remain calm and open during the reading.  Being nervous is okay.   Just be Receptive.

Q: I've never done this before, what do I do?

Relax - I do most of the work and spirit guides us along. Asking questions is perfect.  Guided along we work together through the process.  

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