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Clear your Home Energy

Something that I have offered since the beginning of my Real Estate career is clearing your home energy to invite new people into your home. Buying a home can be a big deal for many and the energy in a home can affect them, they may not be able to pin point why, but there is something that turns them off.

Pets and Smoking can also be a big deterrent to a potential buyer.

I've shifted the energy in a home after divorce, death and or just changing up the vibration.

I have even come in a cleared a home after someone has taken possession of their home. It all depends on what is needed to make it right.

I have other practitioners available to assist me if needed to double whammy your home from top to bottom.

I also do my own home every so often, to clear out the negative and or vibes that linger.

** Funny enough after Christmas a lot of folks flush out the Holidays ...from their home.

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