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Terri Stephens


I've gone with my gut instinct all my life, I can honestly say I didn't always listen.  School of Hard Knocks and learning to "listen" to my inner self, I've come a long way.

I noticed while running a successful business that I was able to pick up on clients' moods, thoughts and concerns from their signatures. 

A good friend of mine was surprised to learn I'd been using this gift for a while and suggested I explore it more.  She must have seen what I was capable of all along, I just needed to do it my way.

  A journey starts with one step....

So, fast forward to today, its been 9 years of learning and doing readings for others.  I've taken Reiki Courses, successfully completed them all to my Violet Flame Certification.  Mediumship Courses, Ho'oponopono Course, Cindy Smith AEP™ courses, Universal Magick, Spell Classes,

I guess you can say..I will never stop learning and taking courses. 

My biggest delight is surprising people how quickly I can see them for who they are.  I enjoy all of life's possibilities and making connections along the way.  I am truly humbled by the sheer energy we all contain - and how we are all intertwined. 


Be Resilient,


Madame Marushka is my alter-ego -Sassy Granny 

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Tip: It doesn't matter if your signature changes over the years.  It's more about who you are not just your signature. 

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