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What the Heck are those?

My career as a full time Realtor has taken me to many different towns, houses and condos. Each and everyone is different just like us. I listed a house in Airdrie several years ago, taking my own photos at the time - I encountered bubbles in all of the basement photos I was taking. Frustration was setting in with each click of the camera. So I asked out-loud...I was alone after-all in the home. Move to the right...well guess what the bubbles did... um what?

So after asking nicely mind you, for them to move...I was able to get a clear shot of the room. I did at the time also call my bestie to come over and smudge the home. And before she did I had her look at all my photos...what the HECK are those? She giggled, well you have there some mighty fine orbs. Spirit Orbs yes indeed. I get those a lot I told her, and I mentioned that I asked them to move to the right and me thinking something was up, when they listened. She cleared the home, and we sold in no time. The gang of orbs under the stairs were gone to where they needed to go. (yes I did find their hiding place)

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