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Spooky Home

Did you know I am also a Full Time Realtor - so you could imagine for a second what its like to be a light worker and be a Realtor entering peoples homes on a daily basis.

I've encountered spirit in homes, un-easy feelings in homes, and down right get the heck out of here homes.

I always go in with my shields up and protection spray for me...or the home. I can tell when people have been fighting in a home, angry words and feeling stick to the walls.

Not only do I prepare the home for sale, and also the homeowners. I have many tools in my bag of magick, and with permission I do my best to cleanse the home of negative energy and unwanted spirits. Some just need a bit of coaxing to get out.

While others need a darn right intervention and the big tools and support come out. I've had to on occasion called another Energy Worker to help cleanse a home.

It's important to know - YOUR intentions -also matter when you plan to sell your home.

On average just doing a Home Smudge Without Smoke® cleanse for your home even if not selling works, and takes the negative bottled up energy out of your home. Listening to the news sends out that intention into your home, arguments and such. Even a child's crying gets bottled up in a home. Lets get rid of it - like spring cleaning.

My service of clearing out your home makes the world of difference, and teaching you to do it yourself makes my heart sing. Call Today 403-827-4663

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