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Orbs and Me

This is me in Sherwood Park, Alberta over 10 year ago. Notice the circle or orb to the right of the photo. I never noticed this before until many years later. In fact I can go through a lot of my family photos and find orbs with me or in the room with my family.

I met a woman named Liane Pinel in Airdrie, Alberta at a business event. We became friends and business associates. She runs a metaphysical shop in Airdrie and has been involved in this community for many years. She is highly trained in many modalities and mentors and teaches today.

It was Liane that told me about orbs, when i had been complaining about some of my photos looked like it was "Snowing" in the room. She asked for an example, and boy could I give her many to look at. Then she asked if I could show her older photos and I began to discover that in fact I have had orbs around me or in family photos for years.

Liane and I have even experimented with asking orbs to show up, and I've taken a photos a few minutes later. We have before and after photos - the room is clear...and whammo the room is filled with orbs. Now I don't dabble in the dark arts or conjure up anything that isn't for my highest good.

With orbs in a room - especially when I need to take a professional photo - I do ask them to leave the room or move right or left - so I can get my shot. Liane has joined me on occasion to clear a home, with the owners permission so these lovely orbs can move on.

Beautiful orbs in all colors and sizes and shapes. If you're lucky to see them- say "hi"

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