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Signature Readings

Updated: May 21, 2020

What the heck is a Signature Reading anyways? Well I've been doing this since 2000, when I was presenting a contract that needed to be signed by a VP of the company...I looked down at her signature and out of my mouth...I said oh, I'm sorry about your marriage breakup, are you doing okay? She just looked at me, and said how do you know...we haven't told anyone yet. Its right here in your signature I said.

A few years later I was working with another family waiting for paperwork to be signed, when over a cup of coffee - I said want me to read your signatures while we wait. Now I had just meet them, knew nothing about what they did for a living or any personal information. I read the Mom's first, saying she was a care giver, always putting others first. ( she was a retired nurse) next was the Dad's - I said don't take this the wrong way..but your signature means something. When you write it on a document its final. (Retired now -he's signed off on all safety matters before planes could fly again), the Adult Daughter was next - her signature said she was very private, almost paranoid. She had big trust issues and was very hurt at one time. (I was bang on with her)

This signature below ( borrowed from the internet) is of a very famous person. Its published all over the world, so I'm not stealing it -

The sharp points indicate a lot of verbal abuse, down right sharpness directed at this person. Definitely suffered depression throughout his life. Carried a lot of burden in his family, he had to keep them going and his life revolved around them. Didn't think much of himself although his talent as we know was amazing and brilliant. Lots of stuff going on in his world and felt rushed a lot of the time. Who is the person??? You may ask...

Michael Jackson - one of the best Musical Artists in the World.

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