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Fatal Crash

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I did a reading for a young woman from Georgia, who's fiancee died in a car accident. She wanted to know some answers to her questions that had been on her mind for a while now.

I was more than willing to do my best to get the answers she wanted to hear from him.

All I had was his first name, I asked for that so I could make the connection.

I spent some time in a quiet room trying to make that connection before my appointment the the lady from Georgia.

He was wondering who I was, this older lady trying to contact him. I gave the names I had for the reading, and this seemed to satisfy this concerns. I asked him the first question and waited, with pen in hand I wrote down what I felt, heard, just knew.

Second question was the same I just stayed quiet waiting for a response. By the Third question he was telling me more about himself and things that made no sense to me.

I wrote everything I wouldn't forget.

When the time for my appointment arrived I was able to give the young lady what she needed. I also wrote it down in an message for her, so she had my words (or his) in front of her. One of her family members later reached out and said my words made her cry and that the message made perfect sense to them and the young lady.

For 15 minutes I managed to help get the answers to the young woman. The whole experience was for me as a Reader validation that I did manage to help someone I have never met , and know from her family she got her answers.

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