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An Angel? Who? What?

To start, we have to go back about 4 years, when i met a local author and healer. Now she didn't call herself all of this right away, she was writing her book at the time we met.

She mentioned a few names I hadn't heard in a while, ArchAngel names...that piqued my interest. Taking a few classes and learning more and more about angels and having grown up as a Catholic you know at-least something. I watched and listened, hearing people talking about "their angel guides" and how they ask for guidance from the ArchAngels, Guardian Angels.

I met another lady from Calgary on my journey about two years ago now that teaches Angel Empowerment and relies on her guides. I jumped right in taking her courses, to learn more about Angels and how I could incorporate them into my life a little more than I had ever before. I do have a hunger to learn, and better myself and be able to serve others better.

So Who are the ArchAngels, Guardian Angels - the list is long. And you can discover that they are always nearby when you need them. Just ask...

This is me in Mannville, Alberta - At a Spiritual Fair

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